What are the greatest challenges facing history teachers? Teaching it "all", locating and/or creating engaging lessons, ensuring the various "standards" are met, wading through the plethora of resources of information available on line; these are all legitimate concerns. For those of us who teach Advanced Placement US History we have the additional burden to ensure that our students perform to the best of their ability on the College Board's exam.

This Wikispace page is designed to help teachers meet all of these challenges by introducing, explaining and modeling a teaching strategy that incorporates inquiry, project based learning and class-sourcing. Each of these strategies includes an "end game", which is: students deliver the content using a variety of online tools. In this arena, the teacher is not the "sage on the stage", but rather the "guide on the side". Other common components within these strategies are:
  1. Questions and/or directions that guide student's research
  2. Student analysis, synthesis, and evaluation
  3. Student driven organization and communication of information

Students will also develop vitally important digital skills including:
  1. locating and evaluating traditional and digital materials,
  2. corroborating evidence,
  3. data management,
  4. developing and designing digital materials

The teacher's role is to develop authentic challenges that engage students without hindering their natural interests and creativity. The teacher also "oversees" the student's progress and directs, re-directs, looks for misunderstandings and/or cheerleads encouragement.

Content of Page As noted by the title, this Wikispace focuses on American Presidents who have been at war during and after the Civil War. A great emphasis is placed on Understanding Lincoln via a plethora of online resources; giving both teachers and students insight into this very notable President.

Why Wikispaces? Wikispaces offers a free, multi-faceted online hosting service that teachers can use to deliver information, assign collaborative tasks, monitor contributions and so much more in a private arena. Industry Meets Progressives showcases how the tool can be used by teachers to assign a project on a topic and students collaborate to populate the resource.

President's at War--Lessons and Assignments
  1. Close Readings-Central to understanding history is careful analysis of primary documents.
  2. President's at War-Eclipsed Events ---- Periodization -a historian's quandary
  3. Year-End Review Options: Online round table discussions provide a backdrop for understanding various facets related to the "President's at War" theme.
  4. Civil War Online Resources--Researched resources and lessons to supplement the above.